The Rope ⚠

"One Life Gives Up On Itself Every 40 Seconds. One Mind Stops Thinking. One Heart Stops Beating. And By The Time You Are Reading This, One Soul Is Already Fading." From Dubb Lubb To Thud Thud Rose Her Heartbeat, What A strange feeling, she wondered. Tried to look around but found darkness in a room so… Continue reading The Rope ⚠


She’s The Question To His Reality 🎀

"One Fine Sleepless Night. He Lay In Bed, Trying Not To Think About Her. Why Was He Even Thinking About Her Instead Of Dreaming About Her? Who Was She ?"  She's the chaos that hit his sanity, She's the love he could never figure out,  She's the answer to his curiosity, She's the truth he'll… Continue reading She’s The Question To His Reality 🎀

Yes, I’m A Feminist. 👸

" And I Do Not Hate Men ! I hate the privilege that men have in society over women. No man is awful unless he uses this privilege to his own benefit."  VAGUE IDEA ABOUT FEMINISM :  A lot of people have a wrong idea about what does the word 'Feminism'mean. There's a huge misconception… Continue reading Yes, I’m A Feminist. 👸


Types Of Boyfriends 👻

Well,  it's been a long time since I posted my last blog and now I'm coming up with something that's totally off the topic. But trust me,  every girl can relate . 😁 1. THE JAILER : Every girl who has ever been in a relationship with a super possessive guy knows it all. The moment… Continue reading Types Of Boyfriends 👻


⚽ Football Is Love. Love Is Barça 💫

"42.2 Million People. One Family. One Team. One Love. FCB !!! "  ❤    It's the adrenaline rush I get when I watch my team play that made me a Culé. The feeling that is impossible to describe in words. The feeling that's making my heart beat faster now. Darling this is love, real love!… Continue reading ⚽ Football Is Love. Love Is Barça 💫


The Best. 😇

    Have you ever been so lonely that even the sunshine looked like an old enemy? Have you ever been through so much pain that even a deep incision seemed faint? Have you ever been so deep into somebody that living without them felt almost empty?  Umm...This one is really close to my heart coz… Continue reading The Best. 😇


This Is My Revival…! 💙

3 AM. A Cup Of Coffee. Internet. Stalking People On Instagram. Music On. What The Hell Was I Doing With My Life ?!!!            After overcoming the dark phase of my life I was finally happy!!! But was this the kind of happiness I wanted?! Nay! My heart was happy but… Continue reading This Is My Revival…! 💙