The Rope ⚠

“One Life Gives Up On Itself Every 40 Seconds. One Mind Stops Thinking. One Heart Stops Beating. And By The Time You Are Reading This, One Soul Is Already Fading.”

From Dubb Lubb To Thud Thud Rose Her Heartbeat,

What A strange feeling, she wondered.

Tried to look around but found darkness in a room so lit,

And To her own wounds, she surrendered.

Her Own Ghosts Ran Across Her Mind, 

Where do they belong in this broad daylight ?

No, they don’t haunt her every single night 

But turn her body stone cold when they visit her everytime.

And suddenly, she turns numb but the mind moans 

Craves to cry but tears? Oh! they fall short.

Wants to scream loud for reasons unknown,

With so much pain In her chest, where was she caught? 

Help! Help! She reached out to her soul.

Knock! Knock! But only silence answered.

There in that moment she found her little ray of hope,

And moments later, her soul found its pain hanging on the rope! ⌛


Hey Guys, This Is My New Poem On “Suicide Awareness”. This Post Is Really Close To My Heart, I Hope You Guys Liked It. Thank You 😊


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