She’s The Question To His Reality 🎀

“One Fine Sleepless Night. He Lay In Bed, Trying Not To Think About Her. Why Was He Even Thinking About Her Instead Of Dreaming About Her? Who Was She ?” 

She’s the chaos that hit his sanity,

She’s the love he could never figure out, 

She’s the answer to his curiosity,

She’s the truth he’ll never doubt!

She’s the storm that burned his fire,

She’s the church he’ll visit for prayer, 

She’s the voice of his flaming desire, 

She’s the night he’ll waste in despair! 

She’s the strength that taught him to fly,

She’s the one who makes him cry,

She’s the sun he’s seeking for light,

She’s the song he’ll sing tonight! 

She’s the miracle that saved his soul,

She’s the heart he always owned,

She’s the sailor of his cruising boat, 

She’s the feeling that’ll never grow old!  ❤


Hope You Guys Liked It. Also, Part 2 Of This Post Is Coming Soon On My Blog. Stay Tuned 😉


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