Yes, I’m A Feminist. πŸ‘Έ

” And I Do Not Hate Men ! I hate the privilege that men have in society over women. No man is awful unless he uses this privilege to his own benefit.” 


A lot of people have a wrong idea about what does the word ‘Feminism’mean. There’s a huge misconception that Feminism means fighting for exclusive rights of women and uplifting them so that they can stand above men. This is absolutely wrong. In fact, this is just the opposite of feminism.πŸ™…



The idea of Feminism simply means gender equality. Feminism means to support the equality of rights, pays, platform, opportunities, status and strength between men and women. Feminism does not mean that women are superior to men. No feminist will ever say that a woman deserves something better than a man on the basis of her gender.πŸ‘°



There are two types of anti-feminists,

(I) Who believe that men deserve certain       special rights πŸ‘¨

(II) Who believe that women are superior        to men πŸ‘©



We all belong to a society where a female is constantly being judged irrespective of her background or age. She’s judged on the basis of her clothes, the way she carries herself, her academics,  her values, her eating and drinking habits, her social circle and it goes on and on. And the worst part of this is that men are not the only ones who judge a woman.πŸ™

At the age of 12-15, a girl turns into a lady and thereafter, her entire life is sexualized. At this point of time, a girl starts being treated differently. That’s when she’s considered to be delicate, fragile. She becomes a liability. At this point of time, women are trained to become self-conscious about themselves. And men?  Men will always be boys. Yea ? In a society where women and men are brought up together, nobody is concerned about how equally responsible they are. That’s where everything goes wrong. That’s when men start thinking that somehow they are superior to women.πŸ™


Girl Love :

Girl Love is an initiative taken by Lilly Singh a.k.a ‘iisuperwomanii’. It is a campaign to stop girl-on-girl hate !  

I don’t know for what reason but I’ve seen women trying to pull eachother down. Maybe because of jealousy or insecurity or whatever, but this is something that should be stopped. Around 49.6% of mankind belongs to women. If we all keep on pulling eachother down instead of uplifting eachother, there’s no way that our earth is going to be better place to live in. 

There’s just one thing that I would like to tell all the women out there, “Belong To Your Own Tribe.”  πŸ‘­



Firstly, not just a female but a man can support feminism too. Nobody can just ‘be’ a feminist, you have to earn it. And to earn it, you don’t have to oppose anyone or take part in a rally or do anything out of your comfort zone. Just like charity begins at home, feminism begins with yourself. πŸ’“

To Be A Feminist, it’s not really hard. Just keep in mind certain things like, 

I) Believe In Yourself

II) Strive To Be Independent 

III) Don’t Consider Yourself Incapable Of Doing Something Just Because You Are A Woman. 

IV) Stop Hating Other Women Out There.

V) Don’t Let Anybody’s Opinion Affect Who You Are.


Start By Doing Something Little… 

Dear Girls,

When you go out on a date with a guy, split the bill. Pay the amount you possibly can, be it 25% or 50%. But, do not depend on the man to entirely pay the check. πŸ’°

Do not depend on your boyfriend’s money to shop your needs. Either pay your own bills or be satisfied with whatever your parents provide you with.πŸ’Έ

Playing or watching sports doesn’t make you masculine. Everyone has their own choice of freedom. ⚽

Manage to get a ‘Me Time’ out of your schedule. Discover yourself and know what you exactly want from your life. πŸ’Œ 

Stop being insecure. You are the best version of who you’re  meant to be. There’s nothing called perfection, even flaws can be made beautiful with the right amount of confidence. πŸ’«

Thank You. 😊


*Disclaimer : This blog is just a personal opinion. I’m not enforcing my point of view on anyone or anybody in this society. πŸ™Œ 


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