⚽ Football Is Love. Love Is Barça 💫

“42.2 Million People. One Family. One Team. One Love. FCB !!! ”  ❤

   It’s the adrenaline rush I get when I watch my team play that made me a Culé. The feeling that is impossible to describe in words. The feeling that’s making my heart beat faster now. Darling this is love, real love!  No matter what happens,I’ll always be a Culé. FCB is my kind of Forever! 💗

Not Just Guys’ Game. Growing up in a place where hardly 5/100 girls love football, I’ve learnt to not give a damm about all those sexist remarks. I don’t even understand why people think I like the game coz all the hot guys play football. Ok I won’t deny, we have really really undeniably sexy players on the field… I mean, just take a look at Gerard Piqué!!!  That man is an heavenly creature 😍 But wait, how can it be related to a girl loving the entire sport?! Please explain.😮 Ever heard of Alex Morgan? ! 😻

Football Was His Life And He Was Mine. This is how I was literally introduced to football. I knew nothing about it except ‘Him’, Fernando Torres And Chelsea. And one fine day I came across Lionel Messi. That day, I became a real football fan. And now it’s been 3 Years. Trust me, I know about football and it’s Rules and everything more than most of you guys do. 😁

Football Club Barcelona. Més Qué Un Club (It’s Not Just A Club). Barca is an emotion. The name is enough to send chills down my spine. Barca is feeling. Barca is love. Barca is happiness. Barca is everything. Barca is life!  🔵🔴  

Being Culé. Divided By Nations, United By FCB. We all are a family. Even a stranger who’s a Culé seems like an old mate. Our home is Camp Nou. Our Army is our Team. Our life goals are far beyond what you can imagine. The SI unit of our happiness is not the number of trophies or number of Ballon D’ Or’s our players have. Watching MSN makes us happy. Losing a game is never a regret and winning is just in our DNA. 🙌

King Leo. How can a human be so perfect? Yet, So humble? Clearly, Messi Is from another planet. His Game. Amazing. His Journey. Amazing. His Struggle. Amazing. His Skills. Amazing. His Style. Amazing. His Loyalty. Amazing. His Looks. Amazing. Basically,the word ‘Amazing’ lies in the name of Lionel Messi .And haters can barely stop being jealous of him. Well, I’m sorry but you can’t avoid the fact that he’s better than your favorite player, scores against your team,  dribbles past your strongest defence, makes and breaks records that you dreamed for your favourite player. Afterall, winning 5 Ballon D’ Ors isn’t a child’s play. He’s the one who made me a Culé. He made me fall in love with soccer . He’s the one who made millions of people love an entire nation-ARGENTINA- Thank You King Leo! ❤

Rivals But Not Enemies. Shoutout to all those Madridiots out there. Stop comparing MSN with BBC or LM10 with CR7 or FCB with RMA. We’re competitors and not two teams at war.Infact we’re so lucky that history of football was written in right in front of our eyes. Honestly, Madridiots are so so aggressive and irritating and so stupid that sometimes (I mean, 99.999% of times)  I feel like punching them on the face, really really hard!  I can’t stand Madridiots in front of me for like 2 seconds, once they start blabbering their shitt out 😂 And to all those Madrid fans out there who don’t boast and are totally cool about a meme or comment not necessarily favouring their team or player,  you guys are rare species called Madridstas. Good, keep it 😛 

“Somewhere Between Watching 22 Random People Messing Around With A Ball On The Field, Love Happened.” 

❤  FORCA BARCA !!! ❤ 


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