The Best. 😇

    Have you ever been so lonely that even the sunshine looked like an old enemy? Have you ever been through so much pain that even a deep incision seemed faint? Have you ever been so deep into somebody that living without them felt almost empty? 

Umm…This one is really close to my heart coz I had written it during the hardest days of my life. Maybe it’s just an epitome of pain that every person goes through atleast once in their life. Hope you can relate. 🙂

The Dreams Of Her Castle Burned Without Flames, Even Her Own Shadows Started Playing Games. 

The Bright Days Seemed To Grow Darker, Even The Moon Above Looked Sadder. 

The Rivers Of Eyes Were Running So Dry, Even The Creepy Loneliness Couldn’t Make Her Cry. 

The Hollow Well Was So Easy To Jump Into, Even She Wasn’t Aware Of what She Was Going Through. 

The Stoned Soul Was Merely Dead, Even When She Was Breathing Only For Life’s Sake. 

There Was Uncertainity Of What Would Happen Next, But She Was Smiling Coz Life Had Given Her “THE BEST”.

Thank You 💙


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