This Is My Revival…! 💙

3 AM. A Cup Of Coffee. Internet. Stalking People On Instagram. Music On. What The Hell Was I Doing With My Life ?!!! 

          After overcoming the dark phase of my life I was finally happy!!! But was this the kind of happiness I wanted?! Nay! My heart was happy but my soul?! It was still wandering around searching for a reason to satisfied. There were things yet to be done. Goals yet to be achieved. Looking back at my past was worthless.And future looked bleak. That’s when sanity hit me! I was happily ruining myself ! I finally figured out the missing piece from the puzzle of my life. I finally figured out the formula to be happy inside out!  😇

     50 Goals: Basic 50 things which I want from my life! These 50 things are not so extravagant but far away from the present. They are here keep myself reminding that I’ve a long way to go. These goals aren’t going to be easy to fetch, I’ve to hunt them! And trust me, everyday of my life is a step forward towards achieving them.✌

     Revival: I’m not talking about Selena Gomez’s album. This one’s the real revival. Revival of my soul. Well, Change is the only constant in this damm universe! And changes made for good are always appreciated. Be so good that even you start appreciating yourself.Be confident in your own skin and don’t try to fit in other’s shoes. And That’s what I did! I stopped trying to be the good girl who’s ultimate goal is to keep everyone around happy by swallowing her own needs.Some may not accept the new person that I am now.Well,who cares? 🙄 

     People: Having hundreds of friends and chilling out with them doesn’t make one a dinosaur or whatever. Having a handful of who will be there with us through whatever, whenever and however makes one’s heart healthy enough! Cutting out people from life really helps. I did it. Now all I’m left with is positive energy that comes with a bunch of people whom I call ‘mine’. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to choose 3 people among many others but it’s totally worth it when you know you’ve invested your love in the right people. They are not gonna talk behind my back nor are they gonna wander off when I need them. Coz I chose them CAREFULLY. You guys know who you are, Thank You 🙂

     Love: I can’t have a new  best friend every 3 months and a new boyfriend every 6 months. There has to be somebody who’s gonna be with me forever and I finally found the one worth it!!! It’s ME. It might sound funny but if you have a bit of logic then you should know that only you can be with yourself till death separates your body and soul. There’s gonna be no one who’s gonna cut out that poor thing called heart from their bossom and give it to you! Not that you’re gonna date a zombie!!  And yes, I love myself. Like I’m 100% in love with me and there’s no space for games and insecurities. I’ll date myself coz I’m too good to share my love with anyone else.❤ 

     Future: Now that I’ve cleansed my present, for the first time I know what exactly I’m gonna do the next moment. There’s no uncertainty here. I’ve planned things out. And what’s better than perfect execution of plans?  The Results. Barely 3 months to go for THE BOARDS. Am I prepared? No. Am I preparing?  Yes. Have I planned? Yes. Is my plan gonna work? Totally.Yes.💪

Thank You. 👻


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