The Rope ⚠

"One Life Gives Up On Itself Every 40 Seconds. One Mind Stops Thinking. One Heart Stops Beating. And By The Time You Are Reading This, One Soul Is Already Fading." From Dubb Lubb To Thud Thud Rose Her Heartbeat, What A strange feeling, she wondered. Tried to look around but found darkness in a room so… Continue reading The Rope ⚠


⚽ Football Is Love. Love Is Barça 💫

"42.2 Million People. One Family. One Team. One Love. FCB !!! "  ❤    It's the adrenaline rush I get when I watch my team play that made me a Culé. The feeling that is impossible to describe in words. The feeling that's making my heart beat faster now. Darling this is love, real love!… Continue reading ⚽ Football Is Love. Love Is Barça 💫